Simoleons Cheat in SimCity BuildIt iPhone

Playing in the simulation game like SimCity BuildIt will get you to think about how to make more money in the game in form of simoleons or coins, which the main currency of this game

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Seemingly, making more money in this game is not as difficult as you first think
Soon after you build your city, you will earn money from taxes that you collect from your residents
then you will turn your city into a real money making machine.

In the way of earning coins in this game, just build residences then upgrade them as this is the main way to make a lot of coins in the game, both directly and indirectly.
Every time, you build a new residence or upgrade it, you will receive a nice sum of Simoleons which will be useful early on when you can build a lot of structures for cheap

Later on, when you reach level 5 in the game, you will be allowed to build the City Hall so that you can collect tax from your Sim citizens.
In line with this, the amount of money that you collect is determined by the happiness of your population
Because of this, make sure to keep your Sims happy by building parks and other similar things, as well as services that can cover all the residential areas.
This circumstance is the indirect way residences to make money and in the long run, you can count on this as your income source

For further, every time you log in this game, you will see coin symbols appearing above some of your buildings such as parks, water buildings and so on.
Once seeing this, just tap the coin symbol to go to a deal offer that will provide you some of your materials and you will instantly get a bunch of coins because of it.
In any other way, you can also sell the items for coins.
Always remember not to reject the deal, as it will be gone forever once you do it.

In the way of having some more coins in this game, you can sell materials to other players that you can do when you hit 8,000 population.
When doing so, you can set the price for other players take your deal and pay you with more Simoleons.
Moreover, if you have rare materials, you will be able to get more money form them
Plus, your Storage upgrade materials are premium in which you can sell it for nice sums of money

In addition, you must plan your city’s design carefully because if you set better city, you will make your residents happy that will come to more coins in the long run
Also, you will get more upgrades so that you will make more money as well.
Thus, always look at your city, as well as checking out the good areas to build more buildings and to upgrade everything.
Make sure to do everything better, as this will build a truly profitable city in this game


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