Silver Coins Swords Cheats in Westbound Gold Rush Android

Kiwi will take you to the west to search for gold, and you will be given a land that will get you to maximize your income by completing some given quests.

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Later on this game, you will have to build a great boomtown then explore the beautiful countryside for searching more resources.

You will then be taken to explore the hidden valley, discover curious mysteries, and build a booming pioneer civilization, meet new characters and friends that will lead you to make more gold and coins

To get more resources such as gold, ruby and woods, you will have to explore the hidden valley and the abandoned mines in this epic adventures

Besides, exploring that valley will make you discover ancient mysteries and find lost treasure then you will also have to solve ancient mysteries in this quest

As usual, you will also be tasked to collect some silver coins which are the premium currency of this game
To get this silver coin, you must complete every given quest within period of time
The more quest you can complete, the more silver coins and other rewards you will get

Except collecting more silver coins, you will also have to find and get more swords whereby you should level up your characters first
To get more swords, you can also get them from through Tapjoy offers, daily rewards and purchases.
Moreover, you will get them through some features in side the game such as the Golden seeds, Lost Cargo which are For a limited time period.
Thus, always take the promotional offers to get the access of getting more swords

On the other side, you will also have to find planks from the lumber mill
In line with this, there is a special quest like Make the Cut that will prompt you to look for the Jungle that will lead you to get the Lumber Mill.


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