Silver Cheats in SD Ninja Android

RG Studio has come to android along with SD Ninja where you will explore and meet some ninja with different skills and abilities like in Naruto ninja movie

sd ninja walkthrough ios android

You will then be brought to get involved in the battle where you can send ninjas in each battle.
At this point, ninja in Place No.1 will battle first, and ninja in Place No.3 will battle last
So, it will be better to put the strongest ninja in Place No.1 first

And, you can also combine into the most powerful combo ever
To Combine them , just select ninja on the left in that this ninja’s EXP can be transferred to the ninja on the right.
Then, the left ninja will vanish after EXP is transferred
At that moment, the grade of the ninja on the right will go rising up after absorbing EXP from the ninja on the left.

On the other side, you will be assigned to get more stars, that will come to higher attributes.
In line with his, the ninja’s color will change after reaching 5 stars and each ninja are able to change color once.

Except combining your ninjas, you can also go through soul fusion
To experience this souls fusion, there is only identical ninjas that can get through it
Every ninja that has experienced this soul fusion process, their attributes will increase automatically in that these attributes will increase their ability as well.
According to this soul fusion, same ninja can experience 5 fusion at most

At this point, you can only select the same ninja at on the right side in which ninja on the left side will vanish after going through a fusion process.

In accordance with skills, just click the skill box on the right to select the place after skill is transferred.
If you see the place has a skill, the original skill will then be replaced at that time.

You can see the left side that will only show ninjas possessing the Skill and you can also transfer one skill every time.

As usual, this game will feature gold and silver as them main currencies
The usual way to get them is by winning the battle with enemies
Sometimes, every time you have accomplished some missions, you will be rewarded with either gold or silver that you will get as bonus rewards



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