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Fincon has recently revealed Angel Stone as action rpg with an online multiplayer game, that you can play on iOS, Android, and the web simultaneously

angel stone walkthrough ios android

In other words, Angel Stone can be said as a post-apocalyptic hack and slasher where you will assist humanity’s final line of defence, and try to defeat the terrifying demonic Legion.

In the beginning of the game, you will be introduced with three classes, from berserker, gunslinger, to shadow mage to pick up in which each offers a different style of play.

Once selecting one of them, you can now join forces with humanity’s last line of defense against these frightening foes, the Resistance.

Here, you can try to use Berserker that will like to get up close and personal
And, the gunslinger can shoot from a distance
Also, you can use the shadow mage that can cast a myriad of spells to bring down its foes.

Along the game, you will also be able to collect Angel Stones which unlock new abilities for your character.
These are called as talismans of angels that have died in combat with the Legion.

Furthermore, you can also try to play solo through the story in mission mode, then you can also invite your friends to play in in co-op boss raids that will grant you more rewards.
You can try to fight against them in real-time PVP depending on your preference as well.

In line with the first launch of this game, you can sign up through their site to taste the beta version before it really goes to the apple store in this summer.


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