Shields Pack Cheats in Stan Lee`s Hero Command iPhone

After being in the progress few weeks ago, F2P game, Stan Lee`s Hero Command has recently come to mobile platforms, ios and android later where you will have to discover and become new playable heroes across exciting scenarios, along the game.

stan lee`s hero command guide apple watch

This game will take you to play as Stan dispatches missions to his pantheon of heroes in a fight to rescue the world from enemies including Lord Hibiculus, leader of the Dark Gnome aliens from Gnomulon, Sand Witch, and an ancient mummy
Besides playing as Stan, you can also play as Captain Steamhammer, who is a steel working strongman with a steam-powered suit
Also, you can be Seer, who is a kid genius and powerful psychic
And, you may want to be the Twins, who is a high flying trapeze team.

Later on, you will be given to complete some missions and complete all stages to defeat the evil bosses in each Stage.

As usual this game will need energy to play in tough levels or stages
And, if you run out of energy, you can try to do time lapse cheat
To do this, simply quit the game and go to phone`s settings
Then, set the time ahead by 100 minutes.
Once doing so, just get the phone restarted to get 10 energy waiting for you.

Moreover, you can also get free energy by simply to watch a free video for three extra energy.
If you see this button while doing a mission, just accept it and you can play at least one extra mission for free.
Keep doing so, they are not unlimited and you might need them to complete more difficult missions.

On the other side, watching some free promotional videos will give you free continues
At this point, you must take that option to watch a video and get a free continue that will be useful for the more difficult missions

For further, you should also upgrade your characters by playing all missions then upgrade the health and defense which will work your way up to Critical chances and more.

As usual, this game will feature Shields as the premium currency of this game
You can gather up a lot of extra Excelsiorbs by spending Shields on them in the Goods menu.
Here, you will be able to get the 30,000 pack for a sweet deal so that you can easily upgrade your characters without having to go through the missions.

Meanwhile, completing the Daily Challenges will provide you some extra shields or other goodies as a reward.

In order to replenish your health and get random shield, you can smash all crates
Also, they all have orbs that replenish your health
In line with this,,just make sure to go through all crates in each level.

Sometimes, some different items of the decor will block your view when playing
To solve this, you can move around until you find the best spot where you can see the most of the screen.
In the mean time, just move around constantly to avoid the long ranged shots and keep your heroes alive for long time.


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