Shields Cheats in NinJump Dash iPhone

NinJump Dash from Backflip Studios can be said as a new free to play multiplayer racing game which is specifically designed for mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

ninjump dash strategy guides ios android

This game is all about the fast paced ninja climbing game, where you will be assigned to rise as high as you can while avoiding enemies such ac squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars and exploding bombs.

All you will have to do here is to tap to jump from one wall to the other, as well as knocking obstacles from the air as you do.
At the same time, you should try to beat three enemies of the same kind to make mega-jump bonuses.

Meanwhile, you will be able to play with random players via Game Center, or with your friends via Facebook that will require the ninja and ninjette in varying costumes, then you can run along a side-scrolling route and come out to beat some villains in each stage.

In order to win the fight in this game, you have to try to avoid some obstacles, such as the wooden platforms and staircases.
To initiate your action, you will have to plan your jumps and double jumps ahead of time so that you will easily glide over the obstacles.
Always remember not to fall down any holes as these will set you back a number of seconds as well.

After having your journey for few hours, you should come back once every hour in order to gather up the free coins.
You can find them under the stopwatch icon on the main menu screen, and every time you go there you will be able to earn 25 coins.
Once collecting them, the hour timer resets so you can come back here as often as you can as well as getting advantage from setting push notifications.

Then, after you reach level 3 in this game, you can use up to three boost cards at the same time
And, if you can gain more experience levels, you will get more cards as reward.
You can gain experience levels by gaining enough experience points to fill the green bar
So if you can finish better, you will be able to earn more experience points.

On the other side, you can add add friends via Facebook by their usernames.
Afterwards, you can coordinate with them in the game at the same time
And, make sure you all have push notifications enabled so that whenever you try to start a match with them, they will get the alert
Next, when they try to start a match with you, you will also get the alert.

In addition, if you want as many wins as possible, you will get no point on spending your coins on costumes, as you will get no performance boost coming with wearing them.
In line with this, you must keep your coins and use them on getting more cards.
Besides saving up your coins, you will be prompted to gather up some shields that you can use to help your ninja accomplish each stage


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