Shield Skip Level Cheats Circulate. New Puzzle Hopper iPhone

Circulate can be included into a new puzzle game that you can play on the iOS and Android phones.
This game is made by kumuva Digital where you will be brought to tap once to shoot the dot from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen

circulate walkthrough ios android

Every tap will determine your score as your tap will be a key to beat a level
To beat a level, you have to tap at the right time.
In line with this, you must wait until all of the obstacles are out of the way so that you can sneak the dot through.

Here, every obstacle will be different from the other
Then, just with once tap, you can let the obstacle turn, move and spin for as long as you need to line up the shot.
In the mean time, you can take the shot by aiming correctly.

Anyway, to do so will not always run smoothly as some stages will have turning obstacles coming out symmetrical.
In line with this, you must wait an extra cycle or two on these levels to shoot them through the right hole.
Try to wait for that extra period or two, then perform your action.

If you cannot beat each level, you can skip the level by purchasing skip level through iaps
In order to get free skip level, all you will do is to watch an advertisement video available on the stage you are playing.

Next, you can keep doing this as many times as you want
However, with only fifty levels, you might end up skipping through the entire game just by watching the ads.
You can try to do this to get shied as well

Be sure to take into account the speed that the level moves after you shoot the ball.
According to this, try to shoot the ball just a little bit early to get it through the last leg.

Just wait Wait as long as you need to get a good shot.
Along the game, some stages will get you to wait quite awhile if they have a lot of different lines going in a lot of different directions
Therefore, just wait for them to line up perfectly to get the ball through in each level.


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