Secret Recipes Guides in Cooking Mama Let`s Cook Puzzle iPhone

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle made by Office Create Corp can be included into a new puzzle game which is specially designed for the iOS and Android operating systems.

cooking mama let`s cook puzzle walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will have to do is to mix some little food icons in various types together, that is called as Foo-Don, then you must use your creativity to change them into tasty recipes
With the secret recipes, you will then cook them and serve them to your waiting customers.

Each time, your dish is successfully enjoyed by your customers, you will get points
Later on, you can also open up more restaurants until you have an empire.

When you are about to cook your recipe, you may find that two or more pieces of an identical food get next to each other
In line with this, you can hold your finger down on one of them so that such foods touching each other will merge into one larger piece of the same food

For further, you can then take this merged piece of food to be merged with even more food, which will create a big combinations of food.

Once it is ready, tap it to be cooked and served to the customers to make some points.
If you have bigger number food, you will get more points

On the other side, you will also be tasked to clear off all of the combinations before the end of the round
If you cannot make it happen, you may not earn any points for your big combinations.

After clearing out all of your big combinations, you can then tap around the screen randomly to clear off small combinations at a rapidfire pace.
If you can do so fast, you will get a massive amount of points with type of combination you have cleared at that way.
Sometimes, it will be tougher to do the small combo trick before knocking off a big combos.

Meanwhile, you will be able to raise Foo-Don outside of the puzzles.
If you get Foo-Don with higher experience levels, you will get bigger bonus when making combinations using them in the puzzle levels.

As your reward, you will get one experience point per Foo-Don for every one of their identical food that you have cleared out there
Moreover, you can also get 1,500 experience points in one shot that you can do by spending a ticket on them which will allow you to cultivate them.

You will sometimes deal with some of the quests which will get you to make certain recipes.
To do this, just go to the recipe section of your book, right next to the Foo-Don section, and you can check what recipes you have already there.

If you can complete more quests, you will have a ticket to open new restaurant which will be the main point of this game


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