Score Cheats in One More Line iPhone

SMG Studio has recently offered you a game that features one button, space disco soundtrack, where it also includes skill timing game which is wrapped in One More Line

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This game is categorized into a twitchy arcade game which is something of a hybrid between the steering mechanic of Slingshot Racing and those rotating planet platformer games.

Through this game, SMG seems to have the formula concerning with this new game as it is a fast, eye-catching game which is mechanically difficult to master
However, even tough it is difficult, you will be served with the simple and intuitive controls

In order to play this game, all you will have to do is to always touch the screen
Anyways, it will be tempting to not touch the screen until you see the danger
But, you will not have a time to react for that coming at you.
So just touch the screen a lot to anticipate any incoming moves

Furthermore, if you do not aim well, it will lead you into something and stay alive.
If you can release shorter it will be better as anything you need to do is to make the game easier until you are comfortable with it.

Consider to aim for midpoint, in which you can try to let go halfway between the current node and the next one so that it will jump straight to the other.

On the other side, you have to think of ideal loop radius
Here, small loops can be too fast to aim well.
For such reasons, you must try to aim at the sweet spots in between.

Besides aiming at the sweet spots, you can try to grab same node once more
In line with this, you can try to do the Split Second release in which you will end up in the same node but the spin will be more slower at this time.

In addition, always watch the dotted line for collision
At this point, always get ready to let go and proceed to the other node to avoid collision during you moves so that you will get the best score if you can do it well.


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