Salary Credits Cheats in Xenowerk iPhone

Few days ago Xenowerk was still under development of Pixelbite
Now, this game has really come to the apple store as a survival game with first person shooter

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In this a top-down action shooter game, you will be challenged to go into the abyss and explore 50 levels with a flashlight and the gun as your mate

Here, you will have the main objective that is to destroy all the nests and eliminate all mutants to prevent them from spreading.

After completing each mission, you can purchase new weapons with the currency which you have earned in each level.

You can get the RPG launchers that will explode upon impact, doing damage in a radius and it will be useful to eliminate some enemies at once

Moreover, this rpg will be good at clearing out a room full of smaller monsters, as one or two rockets can wipe out a bunch of enemies in no time.

During your mission, be sure to clear out some areas in the levels
There, you must shoot all enemies that will increase your abilities and provide you with income to purchase stronger weapons.

This game features salary or credits points as the premium currency that you can get by completing missions given by this game

Once getting enough of them, you must upgrade your selected weapon to be the most powerful one
Also, some enemies will randomly drop blue upgrade tokens that go towards leveling up your currently equipped weapons.

When being in the mission, you can carry two guns at a time
In line with this, you must play their weaknesses off of one another.
Thus, instead of having two shotguns, you can carry one shotgun and a rapid-shooting gun that makes up for the shotguns lack of rapid fire.

To get better performance, you can carry and use a high-powered, single-shot rifle and a sub-machine gun.
With them, you can focus shooting on the larger enemies with the rifle
In the mean time, you can also move down the near-endless hordes of the littler ones with the machine gun.

Remember to always moving while shooting in this game or you will be dead in seconds because of standing in one position while shooting at them.

Thus, by kiting enemies around, you can do damage to them while also keeping a good bit of distance from them.

When dealing with enemies in this game, you can learn their move and equipment as there are few enemies that have ranged attacks here
For such reasons, kiting will be a good strategy to employ during the game.

As said earlier, salary or credits is the main currency that you can get free in this game
To get them more, you must always clear each area and shoot all enemies there
Plus, if you can accomplish mission from each level to another another, you will be granted with salary or credits to your pocket


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