Runes and Rare Heroes Cheats in Battle for the Throne iPhone

NHN Entertainment Corp has brought Battle for the Throne into ios and android in which this game is a new interactive-story-style RPG along with a unique free-to-play wargame strategy experience.

battle for the throne walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will take a role as a powerful Lord who takes a control of the tattered mercenary armies to bring a new era of peace to the land of Eterra.

Along the game, you will be tasked to guide your powerful heroes, assemble mighty Legions, as well as rebuilding your kingdom and managing your resources, then making an ally with nearby areas to beat the evil Devan Empire

Later on, during the play of this massive strategy game, you will be able to team up with friends to form Legions to beat powerful raid bosses while defending your own kingdom from incoming raid

At the beginning of the game, you will go to embark on exploration quests to meet and recruit more heroes as your solid squad.
When doing so, just explore as much areas on the map even if you have maxed out the completion bar, whereby you can either earn prizes or you will run into a member of the Thieves’ Guild or the Da Vinci Mercenaries.
If you can negotiate with them well, you can recruit a new hero for free.
Also, you can visit them at the tavern to recruit new heroes.

In this quest, if you can recruit rare hero indicated by higher star rating, their stats will be higher.
You should also develop all of the buildings in the kingdom, as well as developing the tavern to increase your chances of finding a rare hero.
In line with this, if you can send the higher intelligence hero, you will likely find a rare or semi-rare hero of three or four stars.

In order to find more rare heroes, you can look for them in the premium draw, the store
Anyway, if you do not yet have the runes for that, you can go to the equipment draw then once getting 10,000 food, you can start finding equipment to give to your current heroes.
Here, you can provide equipment to all of your heroes to improve their stats.

On the other side, you will sometimes be attacked by enemies
Because of this, you have to fend off attackers more effectively, by going to your fort and starting to develop your walls and your traps.
After your lord have reached level 20 in this game, you can set up a defensive formation too
To set this formation, you can try to pit your own heroes and troops against opposing armies when they attack.

In addition, you will also be allowed to exchange LP with your friends playing this game.
Once filling up the LP box you can have an access to open a chest, in which it will grant you some other goodies, like having an epic hero or a special hero
Also, you can be rewarded with a bunch of gold or food, a morale recovery, EXP spirits and equipment, along other things.
If you are lucky, you will also have a chance to get runes on it


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