Ruby Cheats in Line Trio iPhone

Line Corporation has brought its newest game Line Trio which tells you a story that high valued masterpiece has been stolen from the Line Town Museum

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For such reasons, you will be assigned to help Detective Brown and his assistant Romeo in supervising and tracking down the Mysterious Thief X, who is the one responsible for that artwork
On the other words, this game is another entry into the match-3 puzzle game genre.

Along the game, you will have to match the special blocks in a certain order
Here, you will be able to create line blocks that you can do by matching 4 blocks in a straight line. Based on what direction you moved the last block, this will form either a horizontal or vertical block, in that it will be getting out popping all the blocks in that row or column.

Meanwhile, you can also create hyper blocks that you can do by matching 5 blocks in an L-shape.
Later on, these blocks will pop all other blocks in the surrounding area
Besides, you can also create random blocks that you can do when matching 5 blocks in a straight line so that these blocks will pop all blocks of one type on the whole board
Random Block will provide you one random block at the very start of the level.
Moreover, you can also try combining the special blocks with each other, which come to some crazy effects

For further, you must also try to match big combos whereby you must search for large chains to match.
In line with this, you should try not to match only 3 chains one after the other, but you must take your time and plan out your matches.
Because of this, you will get high score so that you can reach the quota for a level that is based a lot on making big combos.

Alongside, you can also use some boosters if you get difficulty to solve a particular level
At this point, when you are starting a level, you will be able to select to bring in some boosters with you to accomplish the level with ease.

You can have +3 moves is rather self-explanatory
Having Super Plus booster will get you to spawn a line block every 10 moves.
And, having Star Shot will get you to pop a specific block on the board.
Anyway, Line Plus will get you to change one block into a line block.
Plus, Block Change will be able to switch the position of two separate blocks.

Throughout the game, you will need hearts to accomplish each level.
If you run out of them, you must wait for them to manually regenerate.
However, you can ask for extra lives that you will get form your line friends who also play the game
In addition, playing in match-3 games, you will have to plan ahead and try to make big combos



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