Rubies Tokens Cheats in MonTowers 2 iPhone

Buffstone has now a big surprise with their newest game, MonTowers 2 which is the sequel of the previous game, MonTower Legend of Summoners

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Similar to the previous one, this game is a kind of an RPG featuring anime girls of cartoonish proportions as well as featuring all the fun of the first plus social elements.
The social element means here is that you can add friends and use your leader card to help them out in battle.

At this phase, make sure to collect your rarest, strongest card then set as your leader card so that more people will be more likely to use your leader card.
Look for random names in the friends menu under “Search Friends” to find more people.
By adding them, you can get back up friends, since you will have more of them to pick from before a battle of your own.

Along the game, you will be able to summon the monsters you have captured while attacking the tower with tactical combats by combining special abilities that each monster has
At this point, you can an capture all monsters by fighting in the tower that features 600 levels in total spread over 8 different towers
To get them, you can use special spells that allow you to summon the monsters you do not have then you can get your very own monster by using a special monster and the recipe given by GachaMon.

Once getting your progress from one tower to another, monsters will get tougher to beat.
Here, you can go back to the toughest stage that you could reliably beat and farm it for more experience.
By farming, you will get fast experience as well as coins in which each level has one coin that you can possibly win.
If you can get rare monster in the level, you will collect rare coin as rewards.

On the other side, to customize the monsters, you will be able to use over 720 types of costumes in which each monster will have 3 upgradable costumes all powerful than the next

When you want to go to the party at a time, you will have three main monsters and each of those monsters has a secondary monster attached to each of them that can boost all of their stats.
In line with this, you simply put your rarest and most powerful monsters in as the primary monsters and the next rarest three in are categorized into the secondary monsters.

Besides summoning, you can evolve your cards as well in which make sure you have the right coins, and the right stones from the field area.
Then, you simply go back to the field and use all of your field energy every single time you recover it that you can do when you level up or when the game regenerates on its own.
Thus, build up a large store of stone

In order to find rare monsters and evolution coins, you can take part in the special towers.
When being in this phase, you can play in the raid battles, either the friend raids or the private raids
By doing this action, you will be able to find recipes to mix monsters that you can do after beating the second regular tower in the game that is in the Silent Tower


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