Rubies Stone Cheats CivMiner iPhone

CivMiner is similar to CivCafter which is developed by Naquatic that you can play on both a new iOS and Android platforms

civminer walkthrough ios android

All yo will do here is to dig through blocks while finding stones and rubies, and fighting against the bosses in the mineshaft, then you will do it all over again.

To play this game, you will have to tap with at least two or four fingers at a time to speed up things along.
With this method, you will easily beat the bosses and this will make them very easy to kill in this game.

You can get the rubies along the game when you exploring each area
Besides, you will also be able to gather up more items, such as stones, oils and fossils by exploring every single area in this game

If you want to get more rubies in this game, just tap the quit button or let the boss battle time out right away to go back to a repeat of the previous stage.
By doing so, you can keep all of the stone and rubies that you have earned over the course of the last stage
Later on, you can repeat that action as often as needed during the game.

For further, joining a clan will really give you advantage as you play
If you have joined a clan, you will get a chance to rob oil from your rival
But, they can also steal your oil too as the consequences.

You can use the multi finger mode in the oil robbery mode
Anyway, you will have a much smaller area that you can tap.

Moreover, if you join a clan, you will get a chance to collect more rubies.
At this point, your clan rank is based on how much oil you and your clan can earn.

So, having some more oils will be the measure to rank higher for your clan
And, if you rank higher you will earn bigger ruby prizes that you can gather up altogether.

In addition, discovering and naming new stones will be one of the things that you really hope in this game.

In line with this, you can then race through stages as fast as possible so that you will get a chance to find and increase new stones.

In addition, consider to tap around the sides of the stage, since this will get you to find stones there At the same time, your rivals will never think to look for the stones there.


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