Rubies Sakura Cheats in Yurei Ninja iPhone

Bulkypix has launched Yurei Ninja that is a new endless action runner game that you can play both on ios and android phones.

yurei ninja walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will run, while slashing, slicing and dicing backwards and forwards with your katanas toward the enemies blocking your path
In the mean time, you will also be able to throw your shuriken and ninja stars to take out all enemies.

In other words, you will walk as a shadow in the night, smoke in the dust, while using your katana to beat enemies to reach the heart of the cursed temple.

Always stay alert of your move as the enemies know your ways and they have been well trained in the art of hiding and surprise attacks.
Also, you must keep your eyes open as there are traps and deadly bosses that will try to stop your adventure.

In order to keep running forward, you must do it since it will be handy to deal with three or four enemies tailing you at a time.
Sometimes, you may face backward, while throwing shuriken, and not using your melee attacks.

On the other side, you must level up your character that you can do by completing the quests
Every level herein presents a different quest or set of quests
In these quests, you may be asked to run a certain distance or collect a specific amount of coins
Moreover, every time you gain a level, you will increase your score multiplier.
So, if you run in this game in longer time, and you kill more enemies, you will quickly gain new levels

As usual, this game comes along with rubies, the main currency, that you can use to get various boosts and new characters.

Each character will come along with a different special ability
And, boosts will be needed to increase the power and duration of the power-ups that you pick up, like auto shuriken, speed slash, combo multiplier and magnetic shield.

Except rubies, sakura will also be the main premium currency of the game
If you have enough sakura, you can use them to purchase new weapons.

To get sakura and rubies in this game, you will earn them in levels
So, always try to look for them to appear randomly in the middle of a string of rubies.

In addition, you will deal with the boss of this game in each level
Dealing with the boss will be tough enough to beat whereby you must know and learn what pattern this boss will react

Anyway, you can try to search for the alerts that will inform you where not to run, so that you will be able to avoid Oni’s sword slices.
In the mean time, you must also wait until you have an opening, then attack at the right moment.
Just keep doing your action until you can beat the boss in this game.


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