Rubies in LINE Wind Soul iPhone

Again, a new real-time strategy RPG has come to mobile platforms, ios and android
This game is called LINE Wind Soul developed by Line Corporation and made with beautiful 3D graphics, rich characters, and dynamic action.

line wind soul walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to control 1 hero to 5 summon beasts and you can move your hero forward and backward by tapping the corresponding side of the screen
Each hero in this game comes along with skills that can be activated by tapping the skill buttons.

Later on, you will also go to the battle with enemies in which you can beat all of them with your hero`s ability and call the right Summon Beasts to help you beat enemies and bosses

On the other side, this game need rubies as the main currency of this game
This ruby can be used to purchase special Items and you can use it to draw the gacha.
Rubies will also be useful to continue the game from the game over screen without going back to the initial level.

To get more rubies, you can generally collect them by completing each given mission
Or, you can purchase them from iaps

As said earlier, you can draw and play the premium gacha with 25 rubies and to get new summon beasts, characters that will follow and support your hero during the battle.
In line with this, you can set up a maximum of 5 beasts for every game

You can select 5 types of summon beasts, each with different special attributes based on the type of enmity you need to assemble one particular group of beasts or another.
Later on, you can also enhance and evolve them to be more powerful during the game.

Except rubies, there is gold which often be used to enhance and evolve summon beasts, equipment and skills.
You can also enhance a summon beasts with gold and an evolution material called runestones
At this point, you will need a different type and number of runestones to evolve.

In order to get more gold, all you will do is to battle with enemies in the game
In related to the equipment, it can be as weapons, clothing and pets that you can equip to your hero.

Meanwhile, runestones can be said as items used to evolve summon beasts.
To make runestones, you have to gather 100 runestones fragments in the same type.
besides, you can also make a master runestones by collecting 100 runestones.

In other hand, you will also get to complete each given mission for more rewards based on the difficulty of the missions such as main missions, sub missions, event missions and daily missions.

In addition, you will also get friend points and hearts from in-game friends.
According to this, if you send and receive more friend points or hearts, your friend exp will climb higher, so that it will increase the number of friends points that you can receive as well.

If you send a heart, you will get 2 friends points.
Then, with the amount friend points you have collected from your friends, you can use them to draw the F.P. Machine in the game


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