Rubies Flames Cheats in Line Bubble 2 iPhone

LINE Bubble 2 The Adventure of Cony developed by linecorp is a stage-based bubble-shooting game
In this game, you will help Cony and a giant dragon go on her quest to find the missing Brown.

line bubble 2 walkthrough ios android

To complete your mission, all you will do is simply to shoot bubbles and pop them by connecting 3 or more bubbles of the same color.

And, each stage will need 1 Flame to play it.
Here, you will have less than 5 Flames, and they will be automatically replenished over a certain period of time.

In order to get more flames, you can get them with Rubies, invite friends, or ask your friends for them.
Besides, you will also be tasked to collect more rubies that will be useful to get more Flames and other in-game items.

Except rubies, there is also coins that you can use to purchase in-game items such as Bubble +3, Shield, Magic Mirrors, Power Punches, Guide, Bubble Change, Hammer and Water Gun.
You can get these coins by completing each stage
Also, you can trade your coins for Rubies.

Bubble +3 will let you throw 3 more bubbles in a stage.
Guide will extend the visible paths of thrown bubbles.
Shield is used to block the Boss’s special skills up to 2 times.
Power Punch will help you shoot a powerful punch upwards, popping all the bubbles in its path.
Magic Mirror will let you select 1 type of a bubble and pop all the bubbles of the same type on the current map.
Bubble Change will let you change the color of the next bubble.
Hammer will help you remove 1 selected obstacle bubble.
Water Gun will help you remove 1 selected bubble and up to 6 more around it.

In this game you will also have friends in form of buddies that will help you out by creating items and adding bonus game points.
Every time, you get a Buddy, be sure to add it to one of your Buddy slots to activate it.
Then, when collecting multiple Buddies of the same kind, they will level up and provide more powerful effects.
Recently, you can get buddies from completing Collections or inviting friends to play BUBBLE 2.

Each of your buddies will come along with different abilities based on its type.
Leonard Buddy can make Bubble +3 items
Sally Buddy can create Water Gun items.

Later on, you will also be able to gather up a Crystal Cony
Every stage in this game will offer you either a Bronze, Silver, or Golden Cony, which is based on your score that you have earned in each stage.
At this point, you can try to get Golden Conys for all the stages in an episode to get the highest rank, so that you will get Crystal Cony in the last stage.

Here, your rank is determined by the number of Crystal and Golden Conys you have earned in some stages.
In line with this, 1 Crystal Cony will go for the same value as 2 Golden Conys
For such reasons, if you have more Crystal Conys, your rank will be higher.

In order to move on to the next Episode, you can purchase Potions with Rubies, ask friends for Potions and get a Golden Cony for all 15 stages in the current Episode.

In addition, to clear some bubbles at a time, you can try to get the Combo Bomb when you pop bubbles 5 times in a row.
Anyway, it is a powerful bomb that can destroy everything around it and you get 5 combos in this game.



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