Rubies Cheats in Dungeon Trackers Android

Joycity has just presented their game related to the strategic battle RPG, called as Dungeon Trackers which is specially designed for android platforms

dungeon trackers walkthrough ios android

In the first launch of this game, it comes along with the value-packed Monthly Subscription and a free summoning coupon

At the first launch, you will be offered with tons of goodies that you can do by just logging in this game daily

As usual, this game will feature ruby as the premium currency of this game
Every time, you reach level from 10 to 20 in this game, you will be rewarded with rubies or equipment coupon and creature summoning coupon

Along the game, you will be able to collect hundreds of beautifully crafted creature cards where you can summon and evolve more than 380 creature cards and five attributes namely Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Darkness then you will be tasked to build the ultimate deck by enhancing and evolving your cards

When battling with enemies in this game, the damage you deliver to the enemy will increase or decrease based on creature attribute.
Here, stronger attribute will contribute double damage that you can unleash to enemy.
And, weak attributes will inflict only half the normal damage which you can use to attack enemy
Light and darkness attributes will act as stronger attributes only

Also, if a water creature attacks a fire creature, it will contribute double damage
So take creatures with attributes that have an advantage over the dungeon’s key attribute

On the other side, you can use skills if you can collect skill crystals that you can get when battling with enemies in the battlefield

When fighting against bosses in this game, you can use Guard to counter them
Also, you can use Guard to turn the tide of the battle in dangerous situations

Later on, some creatures can be enhanced manually, or you can level them up by collecting EXP in dungeons

Meanwhile, you will also get some equipments which are divided into ranks from 1 to 5 in this game.
At this point, you can get rank 1 to 4 equipments through crafting, but you can only gain rank 5 through the equipment summon.
Also, you will really need recipes from battles to craft equipment such as weapons and armors for your monsters to equip
To get the recipes and materials, just go to Craft to collect 3 random crafting materials after a certain time.

Meanwhile, monsters are divided into 1 to 5 attributes.
In the battlefield, you can form a team with 5 monsters.
Selecting monsters with passive skills as the leader will allow the whole team to receive the leader effect early on the battle.
At this phase, the costs will increase based on the monster rankings
Thus, if you have higher rank, the costs will be higher to form a team.
For such reasons, you can also organize and mix of monsters with a high rank and costs.
You can also switch the leader at any time.

For further, you will also need to do an evolution
When the monsters are in max level, you can evolve them into high-ranking monsters.
Here, every monsters will come along with a different rarity level and need different materials.
In order to evolve them, you will really need coins and other materials.


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