Rubies Cheats Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon iPhone

Kabam will take you to recover and train a legendary army of Dragons, Dragons of Atlantis Heirs of the Dragon game, a new city management game where you will be able to build an epic Kingdom to rule the skies of Atlantis

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At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned to accomplish some quests where you will have all the level-appropriate buildings upgraded well.
Completing each quest will earn you some nice rewards

In this occasion, you will hatch your first dragon which starts off relatively weak, so you have to raise it correctly to make it strong.
To increase its experience, you must feed it in that it will also make it level up and become stronger.

To get food, you can find them from various events, such as quest or campaign rewards.
Besides, you can also equip your dragon with various armor pieces
But, you will need to find those from campaign missions.

Furthermore, when your dragon reaches level 4 in this game, you can send them off to the Dragon Cave to look for various treasures.
However, always stay alert as your dragon cannot assist you in defending or attacking when it is out searching.

Rubies is the premium currency of this game, where you will be able to get them more by signing up for a Kabam account
Early on this game, if you sign up for the first time and link your Dragons of Atlantis game to it, you will be granted with 25 rubies and 80,000 food, wood, metal, and stone
Those resources are a massive resource boost that you will need long term in the game

To build up your city, you must keep your city busy
Your three separate queues for production will be a research tab, a training tab, and a building tab.
At this point, you must have up to three different processes going at once.
And, if you are waiting on a building to finish, you can queue up some soldiers to train since you have the line open.

After training your dragon, you can now go into the battlefield
In line with this, before starting to attack enemies, you must assemble an attack party.
Attack parties will come along with several things such as a general, a dragon, and troops of your picking.
A general is really needed, but a dragon is optional.
And, always consider to have enough troops to combat your enemies’ as well.

Moreover, you must enhance generals by sacrificing other generals to improve the strength of the base general.
Here, some general will come along with passive faction buffs that you can activate them, by placing the general in the appropriate slots namely amazon, primus, zolmet, and solerian.
So, just check your generals to see where they fit to one of the slots.


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