Rubies Cheats Dragon Vita iPhone

Dragon Vitafrom 99 Dragon Sarls can be categorized into a new dragon-breeding game that you can play only on the iOS devices.

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Along the game, you will have to purchase and breed dragons, as well as discovering all of the new dragons there and build up an island from small initially, to a big one.

In the mean time, you will also be tasked to collect coins and rubies, as well as food and other goodies for all habitats in that island.

Early on this game, you must try to complete any given quests that will give you a starting point and they will help you figure out what to do next
In line with this, completing them will help you build your island and increase the size and scope of your dragon collection.

To start your the quests, just tap them and tap on one to get directed automatically to where you need to go for completing that quest.

Once going through some progresses in this game, you will be able to have a whole lot of habitats, usually one per experience level
Then, you can also have a ton of them, in that you can go on the ones that will earn you the most coins for the money.

As initial start, water habitats will be a good example since they earn you a max of 8,000 coins at a time between collections
For a reference, going for fire one will need 2,000 coins and 4,000 coins for plant habitats
Thus, if you can get more coins, you can purchase better buildings and more things that you can upgrade.

Later on, you will be tasked to do some upgrades such as upgrading the farms.
Here, you must try to have your farms maxed out so that you can grow as much food as possible

With a bunch of food supply, you can use that food to level up your dragons and earn the most coins in the least amount of time.
Be sure to always upgrade small farms to bigger farms whereby it will give you more food options that will earn you more food for less work.

On the other side, you must also plan out your breeding before purchasing particular dragons types.
At this point, you will need to breed and get male and female dragons to breed them together.
Anyway, if you go too heavy on one sex and not enough on the other sex, you will need to get rid of a dragon by selling it
In accordance with this, you can try to replace it with a different sex or you can then build more habitats.

In addition, except coins, there is ruby or rubies that can be said as the premium currency of this game
Throughput the game, you will need to collect some coins for ding an upgrade or anything else
To get more rubies, you can try to complete every given quest, in which you will have to breed one dragon to another to populate the island with unique dragon type combination
So, just try to make your own experiment to discover new type of dragon in this game


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