RPG Asdivine Dios Cheats Guides Strategy Android

Kemco has just launched their newest RPG which is named Asdivine Dios that you can mainly play on the android platform only

rpg asdivine dios walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will your character to explore each area in the game
Besides, you will also have to fight against enemies with your magic and skills

With your HP, you will then be able to unleash powerful spells.
You will also have 3 types of magic, such as light, shadow, and void

Through the battles with enemies, you will level up your heroes to increase your ranks, so that you can also be able to cast the number of spells toward enemies that you meet along the way

You can also set an elemental ring such as a Light, Shadow, or Void Ring that will increase the number of spells that you can learn for further.

Later on, you can customize your weapons and combine magic and skills to increase your hero`s damage
When you use a light based magic on a shadow based enemy, your damage will increase automatically.
At this point, your magic strength will also increase for int hero.

Every time, you use your skill, it will consume SP and your skill will be useful to unleash various powerful attacks toward enemies.
Once your heroes have leveled up, they will learn new skills.
In line with this, skill strength will increase mainly for atk character.

Sometimes, you may be able certain skills to steal from monsters you are dealing with
Here, the steal rate will differ from the item drop rate that is shown at the battle results screen.

On the other side, with an elemental ring equipped in your heroes and their specific rank in battle, they can then learn new magic based on that elemental.

Based on the ring, be sure to check the current rank regularly to determine if it has been maxed out or not.

According to this elemental, your heroes will come with their own individual elemental
Anyway, even without equipping an elemental ring, they still learn magic.

You will have various skills, in which some require charge time to use
And, some will have a rebound time after you have used when dealing with enemies in this game.


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