Rockfest Basic Guides iPhone

Headup Games has proudly presented Rockfest game for ios users where will allow you to build your own festival and start you career as top manager in music festival

rockfest walkthrough ios android

You can make your own festival, build tents, takeaways, toilets, rides and more to satisfy your visitors on your phone.
As a manager of music festival, you may have to take care of fresh supplies and keep the area clean.

You may create your own lineup in the festival radio which provide you a wide range of different music genres such as hard rock, metal, alternative, punk, hardcore, electronic music or hip-hop

Early on the game, you will be able to create and manage music festival in small scale
You can customize it with a handmade stage such as pallets, planks and nails and a two-digit audience.

Whether it is small or big festival, always remember to always give your visitors what they want
Anything you have given to your festival, you will collect XP and enlarge your festival site
Because of this, you will be included into the other top festival managers in the game.

On the other side, you may be able to select a variety of buildings and attractions then upgrade them to increase your music festival popularity

Thus, just start creating your own music festival and hold band competition to attract more visitors that will earn you money cash in form of gems or diamonds, which is the premium currency of this game


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