Review of Random Heroes 3 by Ravenous Game

Few days ago, Random Heroes 3 was still in the progress before being set out to ios
But now, you have bee be able to play this game on mobile either on ios and android platforms

random heroes 3 tips iphone android

In this game, the developer has added a virtual controller as bearable as possible in which your thumbs will inevitably slip and slide all over the screen
Here, your response times are good, and most of the levels are well-designed for tablets and phones.

Graphically, Random Heroes 3 grants a good 2D fix and the story is more or less the same as the previous games where Aliens are attacking, and civilization needs heroes and you must select an assortment of guns and get to work.

Along the game, you will go through few areas to shoot up, including a compound, catacombs, and an underground bunker.
Every area is along with levels that are teeming with aliens primarily the gun-toting.

In related to the weapons, they must be upgraded in order for the player to keep up with the levels. However, beefing up one’s firepower requires skull tokens which you can find them in each level.
Besides, you will be assigned to gather up some coins that you can use to open up new guns and star tokens.

Speaking of tokens, previous games hid all three of a level’s tokens here and there, but this game hides two and challenges you to earn the third by meeting a specific goal.

On the other side, you will not need to get a fresh energy bar with new levels.
Damage carries over, and death means starting the level over.
Anyways, it will be easy to forget then get fragged by a single stray bullet just inches from the end of the level.

In addition, this game is still a fun platforming game for any user that just needs to move and shoot throughout the game.


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