Review of Mighty Strike Team Pocket Missions

Mighty Strike Team from 502 Studios seems to be an endless shooting action game that you can enjoy on the ios and android mobiles mainly

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The story of the game is set in a world where alien insects are threatening the place that you live in
Along the game, you will be served with a series of one screen levels full of platforms and enemies to shoot.

The mechanic of this game is made in a simple way in which you will need seconds to know how to play it along with a tutorial that will guide you to move and shoot in the right way

To move your character, you can use virtual buttons to walk around, jump, and shoot your weapon.
You will also be tasked to explore each level full of enemies to shoot at

Every level herein will have a different objective, such as kill x number of enemies within a set time
Or, you will likely be tasked to survive a certain length of time.
You can then unlock new weapons which will be useful to deal with some tough enemies in later missions

When getting involved in the combat zone, you can survive one hit though your shield
In each area, the enemies will not have patterns to follow exactly
For such reasons, you can still learn how they each react in certain ways

Anyway, playing this game is pretty fun though, with the short levels specifically made for mobile format, in which you can dip in and out while getting something in the game.

You should try on your own for some levels to experience the story of the game and the shooting gameplay mechanic


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