Review of Cut the Rope Magic Om Nom

Zeptolab has developed Cut the Rope as the physics or puzzle franchise for the ios and android platforms in which this game is five years old now.

cut the rope magic walkthrough ios android

Now, the developer has continued to launch their new series of Cut the Rope called Cut the Rope magic which features the adorable little fuzzy-bum, Om Nom.

This new version has added new content and some cool gimmicks to previously-released series, so that it will make for an experience that feels fresh and familiar in the mean time.

In this game, Om Nom’s voracious appetite for sugar has landed him in a magic world hidden inside a storybook.
Anyway, some kinds of magic-based tricks and traps will be put there
And, you must guide your character to get candy.

Similar to the previous series, the action revolves around slicing ropes with your finger so that it can drop a piece of candy down into Om Nom’s waiting mouth.

On the other side, you will also have to feed Om Nom, and learn how to use physics behind the swinging candy to your advantage.
You will go through some stages in which every stage comes along with three stars to collect

This new series also features a dash of fairy-dust to the base gameplay.
And, this Om Nom can transform in some very interesting ways.

In line with this, Bird Om Nom can float on the breeze.
Baby Om Nom can shrink to be lightweight.
Fish Om Nom can plunge into water.
Mouse Om Nom can make a beeline for the candy he wants

Moreover, there is more than one way to catch the candy and you must find that route while thinking your strategy if you want to get all three stars in a stage.

Extremely, this new product of ZeptoLab has a tasty puzzle experience which also offers more of what Cut the Rope fans love
Also, this new series has also a few magic tricks


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