Replay Stage to Get Gold Coins in BlitzCrank’s Poro Roundup iPhone

BlitzCrank’s Poro Roundup from Riot Games can be included into a new free side endless running game that you can play on the iOS and Android phones

blitzcrank`s poro round up walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide BlitzCrank, the big rickety robot to rescue all of the Poros Baron Nashor’s belly while beating the various bosses in each stage

In your mission, you will not sometimes be able to save them all one after the other.
In line with this, you can drag out the bumping as much as possible, when you see a line of Poros in one row
And, you will not see new lines will pop up until after you rescue the line there.
Thus, just do not save them right away and slow it down on the game

When dealing with the bosses, they have the same patterns to move.
Just watch and learn their attacks, and wait until they are close, and tap the screen to grab and uppercut them.

Keep doing such action until you beat them
Also, some bosses’ attacks will immobilize you or transform you into something like a cupcake, so that you will not be able to rescue Poros.
Therefore, do not let any of them slip past or you will lose a heart.

Gold seems to be the premium currency of this game where you can get it for free by defeating bosses
In order to collect it more, you can go back to the earlier stages, and farm more gold there
There, you can defeat row after row of bosses and rescue a bunch of Poros that will earn you more gold coins

With more gold coins you have collected through the game, you will be able to purchase more upgrades that will give you different variations of your character, with higher movement speed, quicker robot hand grabs, and more lives.

So, just save up your coins to get more add-ons if you want to change your performance.
Skins for your character will not change your performance but they will give a coll look when you are playing this game

Once completing the story mode with BlitzCrank, be sure to complete it with other new unlocked characters as well since they will come along with their own sets of power-ups.
After mastering in the story mode, you can then continue to play in the infinite mode, which will be a lot more difficult than the previous one


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