Replay Older Missions to Get Gold in Kerohiro the Flag Bearer iPhone

Kerohiro the Flag Bearer will bring you to go for an adventure where you will lead your team to battle for glory, reveal secret conspiracy, explore dungeons and complete one of the game’s levels in order to unlock the other characters in the game.

kerohiro the flag bearer walkthrough ios android

When dealing with the enemies in the game, you should be aware of the ranged ones
In line with this, you have to learn every type of enemy so that you will know how each enemy acts and where they will attack when you are getting closer to them.

When you are about to beat them try following on their back while taking them out one by one
In other words, just follow them and take them out slowly.
Meanwhile, always keep your eyes open and retreat or change your direction when they come with large group
Afterward, you can then go back on track and beat them at all cost

On the other side, you will have to fill the power-up bar as fast as possible to deliver a bit of damage to all enemies nearby
Thereafter, you can then take them out from the back one by one.

Gold seems to be the premium currency of this game that you can get for free
In line with this, you can replay the older missions to gain experience to level up your characters
Besides, replaying missions will allow you to gain more health and money.

After having enough gold coins, you can use them to purchase new weapon and armor upgrades
So, replaying the older missions will really be useful to get more gold coins in the game

For further, this game will assign you to complete the quests that you can get from the tavern
From there, you will be served with the quests which can used to unlock new goodies, such as the equipment upgrade options and more.

In addition, just keep playing the game and try completing the main missions to level up your character and to farm more gold coins


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