Replay Levels to Get Extra Coins in Need A Hero iPhone

Alis Games launched a match 3 puzzle game with an RPG twist that is wrapped in Need A Hero which has been served for ios and android platforms.

need a hero basic guides iphone android

To play this game, you can try making long chains while examining the board closely
When dong so, just look closely when you are matched enough enemies for an attack.
If you hit the required amount, you will see a exclamation mark on your rage bar.

When seeing this notification, you can now stop your chain, since the next matches will not carry over after your attack to the enemies.

And when trying to make long chains, try to connect pieces diagonally
Later on, once making a good progresses through the game, you will unlock the ability to make spell tomes when matching a certain amount of enemies.

In line with this, you can get Fire Explosion tome that will automatically matches the surrounding enemies when matched in a chain.
When getting that tomes, just save them up and include them all in one big chain for a big explosion

Next, you will get Water Wave tome that will help you clear out all vertical and horizontal enemies wherever the tome is.

As usual, this game will require currencies in form of coins and crystals that will be useful to craft the equipment

Furthermore, you can craft new weapons and armor to improve your hero.
To craft them, you have to get coins and materials, that you can find from material locations
Just fins such locations to get materials for having the best equipment

In order to get some coins and crystals for free, you can replay levels on harder difficulties
If you can complete such levels well, you will be able to get better rewards that can be crystals and coins
In addition, you can start farming gold coins by replaying such levels


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