Relics Clues to Solve Puzzle in Lara Croft GO iPhone

Square Enix has put the star of the Tomb Raider franchise into various Lara Croft games including in In Lara Croft GO that has recently been launched on the ios and android platforms

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Early on the game, you will have to solve puzzle by tapping on the GO symbol on the title screen to launch the game
Afterward, you can move Lara through each stage by simply swiping in the direction you want her to go.

When exploring each area in this game, you can guide her to climb walls and hang from ledges while reaching a diamond to mark the next space with a line connecting it to your current location

Later on, you will deal with some levels with obstacles and enemies that will get you to carefully move
When during in the mission, some spaces will have visible cracks before you can step on them.
If you do not carefully move, your step will cause the space to partially collapse, while returning a second time to that spot on the ground

In the mean time, you can also find the same cracks on walls, and land on that space once to make Lara fall straight down a valid space below, in that you can use collapsing walls to your advantage in certain situations.

On the other side, you will be tasked to collect gems and relic piece in the location
Just tap on the urns in which they rest indicated by the telltale glow once you see them.

When dealing with creature or enemy in your journey, do not stand right in front of them at the end of any given move.

In order to defeat them, you can follow these instructions
When battling with snakes, just get closer to a snake from the side or back and Lara will dispatch it with pistols.
Here, snakes will never move, whereby you can shift one out of the way with a switch or you can get rid of it by moving a saw blade onto its path.

When you are about to fight against Lizard Men, do not move right in front of it
It is caused by, once that creature sees you two spaces ahead, it will hop up on its hind legs and start chasing you.
To solve this, you can often get one to fall to its doom by going over the cracked spaces so that they will stop chasing you

For further, you will deal with Giant Spiders, the saw blades of the creature world, in which they will follow a prescribed path and move one space every time you guide Lara to move
At that moment, be sure not to move right in front of them.
Just get closer to them from any other angle so that it will make a space for Lara to shoot them

Sometimes, you will find and pick up spears among the ruins where you will merely move to a space with a spear in the ground to pick it up, stashing it on your back until you want to use it.

You can use the spear, when you see your target in the same level
Valid targets will blink with a white glow and you can use it toward them


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