Relics Cheats in Alien Star Menace iPhone

The Animal Star Creation has introduced a new tactical RPG for iOS and Android users
In this game, you will be allowed to use your wits and your weapons to help your shipmates overcome the intruding menace.

alien star menace walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will sometimes get to charge into battle, swords and guns ablaze, so it will be necessary to move slowly so that you can keep all of your troops together.

In line with this, getting your troops in a unity will be vital to get an easy victory
Otherwise, individual troops may be surrounded by enemy troops
And, when this happens they can end up killing your troops fairly easily.
For such reasons, you can prevent this by blocking your troops together as much as possible.

Later on this game, you will be able to unlock new units, master their abilities, and shoot the alien that will try to take over your ship.

Sometimes, if you do not move anywhere, the enemy characters will usually stay put as well.
Therefore, both of you will simply end up at an impasse until one of you moves.
It is caused by even one of your troops moves, the AI will generally start moving the computer-controlled enemy troops.
And, when there are troops on multiple sides of you, be sure to take care of one side at a time before working on the others.

On the other side, you can use a rock paper scissors kind of format to figure out who the cornerstone of your attacks.
At this point, you should put heavy attackers up front, while ranged troops should be behind them.
Anyway, speed troops, such as the Ninja typically comes with low attack and low health
Thus, their usefulness is dubious most of the time.
But, they are your fastest troop when it comes to quick-attacking ranged troops.
Also, you can use ranged troops to bomb enemy heavy troops in a quick time.

Meanwhile, you will be given with up to three relics in each stage.
Then, you can get get them more in the next stage that you can do, after you unlock more troops.
Furthermore, you will be able to unlock more and more troops as you complete more and more stages
And, once unlocking new troops, you can use them in any level, including levels you first played when you have not unlocked the troop yet.

In addition, you will also be able to unlock as many troops as possible in a quick time
In order to get more troops, try to forget getting all three relics on each stage, and concentrate on beating the newest stage, then you can move onto the next one.
At this point, with each stage that you unlock, you will be able to unlock a new troop.


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