Red Gems Cheats in Dungeon Link Android

Dungeon Link is a kind of RPG action with grid-based puzzles that is developed by Kong Studios, and published by Gamevil, in which this game is purposed to be played on mobile platforms, ios and android

dungeon link walkthrough ios android

Instead of matching 3 tiles in a row like the games in similar, Dungeon Link will get you to draw lines across the board to attack enemies that will grant you gold coins or even gems.

Anyway, this game is a little bit of a different type of puzzle-RPG that does not feature a match-3 puzzle in order to get involved in combat.
Here, you will have a team of consisting some heroes, each being different classes such as mage or warrior that you can select to attack enemies standing in your path

Kamelot the Knight can deal a big damage to enemies.
This hero`s super move is to attack a single enemy.

Tanksalot the Tanker can defend the team with high HP and defense and he can also stun a single enemy that will give an advantage for your team to beat enemy with ease.

Akayuki the Samurai can deliver a high Critical Rate and her skills are useful to attack some enemies at a time.

Then, you will have to go for the main objective that is to draw a line from your character to the matching colored spot on the play field.
Every time your hero moves, they will attack enemies in their path.
In the mean time, you will get an attack bonus if you can manage to use up every space in the play field.

On the other side, there is a lot of different combinations of heroes to use to make up your team.
Every hero here can also be enhanced with different runes and some heroes use a star system for ranks, with the higher number of stars being the more powerful variant of that hero.

On the other side, you will see a stamina system and optional IAPs for extra gems or coins
Anyway, as long as you make progresses through the game, you can get extra stamina
Moreover, you can also level up your heroes into higher level characters

When connecting the circles through enemies, try to connect the circles in either direction as a longer path will contribute higher damage
In the mean time, you can also use your abilities and perfect attacks to get your victory

Attack types in this game have high ATK or HP or DEF.
Support types will come along with healing skills or buffs.
And, elemental will have powerful elemental attacks towards enemies.

On the other side, you can also get pal points when your friends use your character in their adventure.
At this point, you will be able to get 50 Pal Points each time your friend uses your character.
Besides, you can also get PVP Coins that you can do by challenging other players in the Colosseum.

Meanwhile, you will also be able to get medals that you can do by clearing the daily dungeons in which you can access it from the Battle menu.

As usual, this game will feature gems and coins as the main currencies
Every time, you can beat enemy, you will be granted with gold coins as bonus reward
And, you will be able to collect some gems that you can do by completing each mission given by this game


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