Red Crystals Loot Cheats in Hunter Legacy Android

Cinnabar Games has farming simulation game called Hunter Legacy where you get a plot of land from ancestors that you have to rebuild it to even bigger and profitable

hunter legacy walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will go on adventures to collect more loot and resources in the forests, mountains, caves and plains
At the same time, you will also have to find epic weapon blueprints and building materials.

In the way of gathering your resources, you will also have to beat animals, orcs, goblins, undead and you should try to be an awesome hunter worthy of the family legacy.

Early on this game, you will have to equip your character with the right kind of weapons and armor for the quest at hand.
In line with this, you can select out of 36 different attacks to guarantee you survival and victories

When doing your mission, if your character loses all his health-points, or he will not eat or drink, he will die whereby you must always supply your character with enough food and water left so your character can survive throughout the stages

To survive in this game, you will definitely need water and fresh water can be found on the road to the waterfall in which you might find a few birds and sometimes a fox there.
Always stay alert of wolves there

You will need wood to build your shelter
In line with this the forester has left since he had unwanted guests
Anyway, this will be good chance to loot the wood he left behind.

You will also see a group of goblins have setup camp in which you must clear them out with some nice weapon blueprints at your hands.

On the other side, you can go to the old stone quarry that will lead you to find some quality stone which you can use to upgrade your buildings.

Sometimes, you will also see big brown bear walking around in your area.
These bears are strong and they have lots of healthpoints that make him tough to beat
For such reasons, you can try to use upgraded equipment and train your weapon skill to beat the bears and any enemies standing in your way


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