Rebirth Stones Cheats in Across Age 2 iPhone

FDG Entertainment will take you to take a role as Ales and Ceska for their biggest journey in Across Age 2 where this game is a kind of Japanese Retro Action RPG

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This game will offer you an awesome RPG experience with engaging storyline, intense action and eerie dungeons provided a whole new game experience.

During the battle, you can attack enemies from a diagonal direction to minimize counterattacks
At the same time, you will also have to learn sword skills by meeting goals in certain locations Magic that can be used to solve certain puzzles in addition to damaging enemies.

In order to deliver Charge Attacks, just hold down the Action button to charge up and unleash more powerful skills and spells.

Along the game, you will be able to play both in Team and Solo Modes
In Team Mode, you will control both characters to act together in which you can guide them together when entering or leaving fields or dungeons.

When having your journey, you can lift certain object in that only Ales can do this.
Face Ceska or certain objects then press this button to lift it above your head.
Anyways, you will not be able to switch characters when carrying that objects.

When throwing something, it is only Ales who can do this.
When carrying of lifting something, just press the button once more to throw it.
You can use this to reach new places or get objects into areas that you could not otherwise reach.

When it is about to heal your ally, just press the Equipped Item button to use the active character’s equipped item.
Here, items will only affect one character that you can use it.

On the other side, during boss fights, support items may pop up several times.
But, some of these are booby trapped to deal damage, so you must look closely
Meanwhile, you must collect silver boxes containing random items that temporarily help you in battle. Those effects will include boosting speed, attack power, and the gauge shows effect time

In order to transform items, you can use rebirth stones.
Transforming items will be more powerful, or it will turn into something new.

During the rebirth process, Ceska has to use the Across Age spell to go to the past or present.
The, place an item into the Rebirth Spring along with a Rebirth stone
Afterwards, switch time periods to gather up the reborn item.
Note that, reborn items here will not be able to reborn again.


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