Reach High Score Stacks to Unlock More Worlds in Leveled! iPhone

The Blu Market has a new game entitled Leveled! in which this game can be said as a puzzle game or the super challenging one-touch genre for mobile platforms

leveled walkthrough ios android

Here, you will simply stack the tower as high as you can whereby the precise timing is the thing you must consider to do so well

When you are about to aim to stack objects, the timing when you are doing so is important to get perfect blocks

At this point, just wait until both blocks are about equal size then tap.
According to this, your timing will take a big role for your finger to reach your device’s screen
Or, you can tap a little earlier at that time.

Later on, you will get a single barrel when stacking a couple of block
There, you will get the barrel to stay in the center of the screen
In the mean time, that barrel can change in size as well as the blocks
Therefore, you must wait until the barrel to get big the block does then let it drop onto right after
But, when it is too small, you may run the risk of the plank tipping overboard.

To deal with this, try getting parts where the barrel is about to move from side to another
Sometimes, putting the barrel to one of the sides may be better.

You may deal with the blocks of the same size to start leaning in one direction
To solve this, add more weight to the side which is not leaning, in which it can rescue your stack from falling over.
Never add too much weight, because it will make the other side lean too much

On the other side, just take as much time and try not to drop the blocks while keep your timing when you are about to stack that objects.

After completing some stages, you will be able to unlock more worlds
In order to connect them, you can merely connect your Facebook account to the game These worlds will only change the background and it will not affect your performance

Besides, if you can reach a high score of 70 stacks you will have a chance to unlock more worlds in the puzzle game


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