Rare Orbs Cheats in Monster Strike iPhone

Mixi inc has offered a new RPG with a battle system in Monster Strike in that this game is similar to any good card battler

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The rule of this game is pretty simple as you will merely guide yourself into the action alone or in multiplayer teams of up to four Strikers
Then hit other friendly monsters along the way to trigger Bump Combos and get rare monster then collect over 500 kinds of unique and powerful monsters

In line with this, you will be supplied with rare cards that can be collected here.
Those cards will be categorized into three, four, five, and six cards which are the rare ones
And, they are the ones with the best battle statistics, but are generally also the toughest to find.

Along the game, you will be able to earn more rare monsters in the hatcher and you can do either the solo hatcher or the golden 10 shot.
The solo ones needs five orbs, while the 10-shot hatcher needs 50 orbs that are the premium currency of the game.
Here, you will be able to get at least a three-star that you can hatch with these two, with a smaller chance of a rare monster which is coming from the friend hatcher.

Throughout the game, the higher the luck of the three monsters in your current battle party, and the higher your chances of finding rare drops.
You will still possible find rare drops even without any lucky monsters, but they will be far less common without luck.
In order to increase monster luck, you can try to fuse it with an identical monster or with similar monsters
It is the same monster family, in different ascension or evolution level.

For further, if you want to get better or rarer monsters than usual, make sure to play in Co-op as often as possible, especially in the quests that have been specifically designed for it.

And, if you have no friends in your area playing the game, you can begin to find a way to spoof your location on the Location Services and spoof it to some large city, or especially to somewhere in Japan.

Meanwhile, always stay alert of special promotions
Furthermore, these promo codes will be often given out during these promotions.
All you will have to do is simply to go to the “other” screen and enter a promo code
Afterwards, you will get a bonus which comes to a rare monster

In addition in order to get a rare monster, make sure to go to the quest menu, tab over to the event quests and play the hardest ones that you can beat.
If you can bet harder ones, you will have better chances of getting a rare monster as a drop bonus
Also, you will often find specific item quests that will come to catalysts, experience, gold etc


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