Rare Heroes Cheats in Faraway Kingdom Dragon Raiders iPhone

Smilegate West has come with the newest game, Faraway Kingdom: Dragon Raiders which is is a new RPG with 8-bit retro graphics, RPG gameplay, and horizontal city building gameplay

faraway kingdom dragon raiders strategy guides

In this game, your main goal is to build up a combination of different fighters and use them to quest through a number of dungeons, in which you can eventually restore Faraway Kingdom to its former glory and slaying the Red Dragon.

At the beginning of the game, a warrior must always be selected as the leader of the party
At the same time, you will also have to divvy up your party points based on what you have in your stash of heroes
In line with this, your warrior is your weakest then so be it.

Furthermore, you have to do all that you can to get a rare party member there
But, if it gives you with a much weaker party you can then change it up and even get out of your party. On the other side, you can simply hit “auto-party” to select the most optimal one.

Later on, you will meet the five number ratings which are for fire, frost, nature, darkness and stars, in which your particular hero’s effectiveness will based on the element.

Here, you must pick heroes who are as strong as possible against all five of them
Thus, you do not have any weak points.
However, if you do have a weak point, you can use the “sixth man” where you can select a friend’s hero to pick one who is strong against that weak one.

After having some progresses through the game, you will need to tap all of the coins and all of the special move tokens to collect them
Anyway, if they disappear before tapping them, you can then go away permanently
At this point, be quick with your tapping.
And when you kill an enemy you will earn a ton of coins.
During the play, you can use more than one finger when collecting them so that you will not miss a single one.

This game will categorize heroes in different rarities.
You can get rare ones with summons except the regular Summon Hero are likely to give you three, four, five or six star epic heroes.
According to this, you will be able to find them in the Inn, and you can also get them with coins for many common heroes
For further, as you build houses, they will go to your houses on their own.
So, just tap the question mark when they come up toward the left end of the village then they will either go to a house or the inn.

Throughout the game, rarer heroes will have skills that can then be set as your party skill.
If you go for tough battles, make sure to bring healing potions so that you can use them to prevent your heroes getting killed by the boss.


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