Rare Heroes Cards Cheat in Heroes Charge iPhone

Heroes Charge, the action RPG multiplayer online battle arena from uCool will allow you to train your heroes, collect your teammates, power up your heroes and wipe out the enemy in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games the you can also team up with your friends

heroes charge basic walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to recruit from over 50 different heroes then build your own team into a formidable force with super rare heroes

At the beginning of the game, make sure to check your chests daily, as there is a sign in bonus chest waiting for you to open
Moreover, you will also get some rewards by logging in at least once each day.
You have also to complete in-game quests to collect a reward for it.
Here, make sure to manually check though, then look for that little red dot next to the Quests button to see if you have something to collect.

Later on, equipment is your most deciding factor in your team’s strength that you can find in defeated monsters, who will sometimes drop chests with goodies in them.
Every hero will come along with a specific piece of equipment for each slot
So, just see it by tapping the appropriate slot in which it will also tell you where you can find it

Once grabbing your heroes, you should promote them that will give you increased power and you can also unlock a new skill for them to use.
In line with this, make sure to equip a hero with all six pieces of equipment, so that you can later on promote your hero.
Just keep doing this as well as revisiting past levels to find pieces of equipment.

After your team level is 3 or more, be sure to increase your heroes’ skills.
At this point, just go to their status screens, and tap on the skills button at the bottom right.
Afterward, you can level up their skills as these skills can be the deciding factor in a battle.

According to these skills, every hero has a super skill that you can charge with energy before use.
You can gain energy by dealing and receiving damage and these super skills sometimes will come along with special effects, such as Admiral’s Ancient Sails, which summons a ghost ship.

That skill will deliver damage in a small area, but it can also leave enemies stunned for a second or two afterwards.
So, try utilizing your super skills when battling with enemies
With these skills, you can fight and explore through the world of Kron, as well as finding rare heroes as well

Furthermore, you have to develop and upgrade your skills while collecting equipment sets that can infuse your heroes with power over your foes

In addition, you can also get some good warriors such rare ones that you can get by accomplishing every quest available on this game
To get more rewards in this game, you can blend cooperation with your friends then get involved in the guilds competition


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