Rare Epic Runes Cheats in Card of Legends Android

Ctu Games has brought something in a Strategy Random Defense game which is wrapped in their newest game entitled Card of Legends

card of legends strategy guides ios android

In this game, you will be able to summon heroes as a wizard, fuse them, and make them even stronger.
Here, all yo will have to do is to fuse and fuse cards generated randomly in order to bear mighty heroes then bring them to battle with other players online as well as upgrading those cards and equipping Runes on cards which you want by game money.
For such reasons, try to plan smart strategy to make hero cards each time while memorizing Tech tree

Throughout the game, you will be able to fight against fearsome Boss Enemies in Team fighting after Defense mode
At this stage, you survive in 10 horrific waves of Orc in which your heroes must endure waves so that they can have the fight with Boss of Orc.
Later on, you can make Boss of Orc stand in our side at some stage.

Along the game, you will have to learn the basic control of this game
Touching the Make button will make a step higher of your level card.
Then, touch the card and check if their upgrade is invalid.

You can touch the card pointed at then get a more higher level card even to the highest card which is in a 5-star card.
Anyway, having these cards to 5-star cards, you will be invincible along the game.
For further, you can make the bundle of cards continuously.

Make sure to keep your cards in the inventory besides cards in Action area.
Then, you can use cards from the inventory and make them any time you want.

In addition, always see the information on the top and the heart mark as well.
If the heart mark is 0 in it, it means the game will be finished.
On the other side, you are also be able to join new league by raising rank with battle points and compete with players around the globe playing this game


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