Rare Dragon Stones Cheats in Card King Dragon Wars iPhone

Recently, the other TCGs of trading card game has been launched on ios by Crooz
This game is called as Card King: Dragon Wars coming along with amazing graphics and excellent gameplay

card king dragon wars walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will build your ultimate card deck full of the best cards then battle with the others cards deck to get 3 star ratings

When building your card deck, be sure to add Helper creatures, as one extra creature will really help you battle with opponents

Later on, you will have to build your ultimate deck consisting of the best cards
In line with this, you will have to get some free Dragon Stones or Gems
To get these dragon stones, all you will do is to complete the Global Missions and the Daily Missions

Once getting enough Dragon Stones, you will be able to get a premium card consisting of 4-5 star cards that you can then use when battling with the other opponents

Early on the game, you will need to build a great deck, where you can get in the way by drawing cards or getting ones from your battles.
Sometimes, you must learn the stats of your cards, especially for the cards that can give you and decide based on that when building your deck.

According to build this card deck, having a deck consisting of 4 star cards is not good to get a balanced deck of lower level troops.
It is caused by, the lower level troops will provide you cards less energy
And, having a bunch of good cards that require 40-60 energy will not help much
At this point, having a good balance will be important aspect here

For such reasons, you can use purple utility cards to work together since these cards are useful with all types of attacks and good cards.
Later on, you can go for building a deck of one color entirely
Anyway, having a guard card does not give any effect in which if you can get their ability that draws all attacks, you can mix and match then test to see what card works best.

Meanwhile, you will always have random cards to start with, in that you may choose a target and focus to destroy it
At this phase, just look at the stats of the creatures indicated on the bar and consider to take out Utilities first, then Red attacking cards if they are there.

In this game, all creatures come along with passive abilities
So, you should take them into account when you build your deck and maximize the advantages to help you win the battle with opponents

When going into the battlefield, you can use all energy points when attacking, and you can maximize the use of all your action cards and Drag Attacks.
In the mean time, it will be better to wait for the best moment to have a maximized effect for your cards.
When it is about to do so, you can firstly calculate all the points and use them all before ending your turn.

To start the game, you can use an offensive card that needs 35 energy whereby this card will deliver heavily damage towards the enemy.
At the same time, you can also use a Support or Shield card, then build your deck and slowly pour other cards into battle.

For having a massive effect toward the enemy`s cards, you can start with 2 strong cards and mix them with Drag Attacks then wait until you have enough energy to get another card on the table.

In accordance with this, just try to find the perfect balance between Drag attacks and use cards in your deck to fill up your hero’s energy meter while using the Hero Cards when their effect is maximum.
Always watch on the cards that your enemy has left and prepare your best cards to deal with them

After going through some battles, you will level up your creatures, in which be sure to level up your favorite ones to make them more competitive.

On the other side, you have limited storage space that you can handle by using 1 Dragon Stone for having extra 5 storage
Except leveling up the creatures, you must also level up cards that you will keep in your deck, which will be better than a bunch of cards that you cannot use.
When doing so, you can try to use creatures from the same class when leveling them up

In addition, this game will get you to collect some runes
In the way of getting these runes and creatures, all you will do is to replay the older battles that you have beaten before
And, replaying the older battles will be a good way to increase the resources then you will also get monsters which you can use to evolve to be the most powerful one.


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