Rare Clothes Ingredients Cheats in Food Battle The Game iPhone

Food Battle: The Game is trending game in ios recently which is made by Smosh in which this game is also starring Smosh personalities Ian and Anthony, as well as Ian’s mom along with other personalities.

food battle the game basic walkthrough free coins

In this game, you will be introduced with two types of currency which are coins and crystals.
Coins here are the main currency that you can use to purchase new weapons.
And, crystals here will take a role as the premium currency that you can use to purchase new clothes.

Except food, you will also be allowed to gather up some ingredients, which are categorized into Common, Rare, Special, Super, Mega and Smosh.
At this point, clothes and weapons can be racked up and acquired as well

In line with this, you will be able to get more ingredients for free on any stage, that you can search for the gold-lined treasure chests.
Here, the regular wooden chests will give you coins, but the gold chests will provide you new ingredients.
At the same tine, rare ones will come up less commonly than common ones obviously
But, the ingredients will be different every time, so try to get the rare ones and coveted ingredients in super, mega, smosh.

You can find the most rare ingredients in the boss levels, every time you have beaten them they will give you every single star.
So, just go back and beat the bosses, to get 4 and 6 gold boxes at the end of the level
Moreover, make sure to play these over and over again for some rare ingredients and a bunch of common ones as well.
If you get higher stage number, you will get more rare ingredients.

In order to buy various boxes, you can go to the store inside of the Teleporting Fat Kid’s house.
At this phase, you can get the Special Box, the Super Box, the Super Special Box or the Smoshtastic Box, with the good ones containing better ingredients based on you spend less or more crystals on them.

On the other side, in the way of collecting more free coins, you can go to any stage and start playing through it.
Replaying old stages will also earn you more coins, and if you get stuck on a stage, just try to grind through the last stage that you have been able to beat, or the last boss stage, which will give you a lot more coins.

To get more coins, you can find them in the bushes.
Just run back and forth around stages, and backtrack too, in that bushes regenerate and give you even more coins when you cut them down again.
Plus, just open all of the wooden, plain treasure chests that you can find in order to get more gold.

Then, every time you go to any level, just kill as many enemies as you can find even in large groups of enemies, and you can use one of the best tips by letting them attack each other.
In the mean time, run around and let them group up, then run through them so that they will all try to attack you, and kill each other instead. Kill them, as they will often drop coins to collect.

Once getting those coins, you will be able to purchase the first two new weapons, the Taquito Gun and the Burrito Bomb.
However, you can get new weapons for free each time that you beat a boss stage, or in any stage with a blue star next to it.
According to this, each fifth stage will be a boss stage which are 5, 10 ,15 etc.
So, when you beat the boss, you will get the weapon even if you do not earn any actual stars on the stage.

Besides coins and crystals, you will need more clothes as well
To get them, just go to Ian’s mom’s house and have her cook up a new clothing item.
For such reasons, you will require the ingredients to cook it up, then the item will require crystals on top of that
Thus, try to earn as many crystals as you need and get the ingredients and the clothing as well.

In the way of getting some more crystals for free, all you will have to do is to replay older stages such as in old boss stages.
When replaying Big Ass Donut, or the fifth stage, you will be able to earn at least one crystal, sometimes two or three, based on the completion of the level.
So just play this stage again and again in order to earn free crystals.

In addition, in order to get free coins and crystals, you can search for promo codes which you can exchange for crystals.


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