Rare Cards Cheats in Outcast Odyssey Android

Bandai Namco has launched Outcast Odyssey which is categorized into a card battler game specifically made for the iOS and Android platforms.

outcast odyssey strategy guides ios android

In line with this, this game is the one of the few card battlers where you will go for the fighting yourself rather than having to watch the computer do it.
At this point, this game has supplied a nearly endless amount of cards that you can select
Then, you can enhance and evolve them, along with a ton of stages, and multiple ways to battle, compete and win.

During the battle, all you will have to do is to tap one of the targets on an enemy, and the various realms or elements are strong and weak against each other.
Green is strong against red, that is strong against blue, that is strong against green.
Weak points take the most damage of all though.

In order to make the most out of a weak point, you can try to attack it with your strongest party member.

Then you can put your strongest attacker in either the second or third position so that you will be able to use your first member or party leader to attack a 1-hit weak point.
Next, you can then attack it with the strong card in second or third position to contribute maximum damage to foes.
On the other side, if a spot comes with a weapon stuck in it, such as a sword, you can then hit that spot first for big damage done.

Gems here are the main currency of this game
Once gathering up them, you can save up your gems and be sure not to waste them on taking one more turn at the treasure chest.

Just use gems to purchase rare card packs.
In the way of getting rare card packs in this game you can select all of the drops in each stage of an island.
Once completing that out, you will earn a four or five star card pack.

Sometimes, some rare three star cards will come up all the time in treasure chests, but one and two star cards are more common.
In order to open up a ton of treasure chests, you can go to campaign level 1-1 which is the introductory level, as this is the fastest one to finish
And there is a chest in there every time that you go in there.

You may also get an evolved card that will be more powerful than even a rare card.
According to this, if having some duplicate cards, make sure to evolve them to see how strong they will get.
Here, you will be able to evolve one card up to four times, as long as you have one duplicate card per evolution.
Then, if a card has already been enhanced it will retain some of the stat boosts after the evolution.

In addition, during in the battle area, remember not to battle the top ranking players in the arena.
Otherwise, you can start off with the weakest opponents possible, and you can then test the waters on the next difficulty level up once you find it easy to beat the current difficulty level of player.
Here, if you are in higher difficulty, you will be able to earn more honor points when you win it.


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