Rare Cards Cheats in Eternal Fury Android

Eternal Fury is a new MMORPG produced by Proficientcity where you will take a role as one of many character types like a knight, a mage, and many more

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Along with your companions, you can then go questing, raiding, as well as playing with or against other players
Furthermore, you will have an access of an endless series of upgrades to your characters and equipment.

In this game, you will find your character with a number of different spells that you can pick from. Like any other mmorpg, every spell has a cooldown time when it has been used
Thus, you must wait for it as long as possible before you can choose ans use it again

Anyway, if you do not pick any spells they will use their standard attack which will be depending on equipment and on the elemental of your spells and the enemy, ans they might even be stronger and more effective to be used along the game.

Later on, when you intend to improve your characters, you can only level them up as high as your player level is.

Afterwards, you can level your town hall and your barracks, then you can start leveling your troops.
In line with this, your main character’s level will be equal that of your player level.
Thus, you should increase your heroes skills with the skill points that you have earned from the extra level ups.

Furthermore, in order to upgrade your equipment, you really need the blacksmith
Because of this, the blacksmith will be unlocked early on the game so go hurry to take every piece of equipment that you have and upgrade it as high as you can.

Doing this will make as much of a difference as leveling up your character for even more.
Then, anytime you get new equipment and you equip it, make sure to level it up the same way.

On the other side, you will be able to hit the AFK mode on battles in order to pick the spells automatically.

At this point, always pick up the most powerful spell available, so if you have a deeper strategy with spells as a requirement to be picked at different times, it will not be here.

In the meantime, you can also hit autopilot if you are playing while distracted outside of battle mode.
Plus, you can also combine autopilot and AFK to get the game go automatically for a specific time.

Then, whenever seeing an icon flashing on the main screen, you will get something that you can claim as a reward.

In addition, there are so many different options Under Hot Events
Here, you can find the ones on the menu that are flashing.
Make sure to get leveling packs loaded with rare and legendary equipment including blue, purple or flashing ones.


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