Rare Blue Red Gems Cheats in World of Warriors iPhone

This new game from Mind Candy seems to be trending game played on ios and android
In this game, you will be assigned to gather up wildstones and honor stones which are the main currencies of this game

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Honor stones here are the blue gems, while wildstones are the extremely rare red gems.
And, gold is the primary currency of the game.

In the way of having more honor stones aka blue gems, all you will have to do is to complete some free offers from Tapjoy website.
At this point, just find the offer wall, then go to the temple screen
Here, go to the icon on the left side saying “Get more” with pictures of gold, wildstone and honor stones all in the image.
When getting this, tap it so that the offer wall screen will come up.
On the other side, you can simply go to the Tapjoy website to search for even more offers for this game Those offers will get you to download and install different apps in order to earn more wildstone or honor stones in this game.

In line with this, you can do it for earning wildstone, although you earn less per offer than you do with honor stones.
Anyway, you will still get a bunch of free offers that you can complete, in which you are able to earn free wildstone that you can use to get multiple super-rare warriors.

Also, you can access some honor stone offer wall in videos format that you can watch for earning instant honor stone, and these reload after a short amount of time.

Furthermore, try to earn as many points as you can, by going to to the tower.
If you have more points, you will gain high rank which will come to the better rewards.
Ranks 1 through 9999 will earn you wildstone as a reward
It is calculated by the higher the tier that you finish in, the higher the level of wildstone.
Finishing in rank 5,000 through 9,999 will give you some honor stones.

Later on, you will also be able to earn honor stone randomly in normal battles.
Just look in the treasure chests that are hidden behind gates, as these will usually contain wildstone and sometimes honor stone as well.

Alternatively, you can also complete some achievements in order to earn more honor stones.
Besides, this will also give you some free wildstones, based on the achievements
Usually, these ones are more difficult to pull off than the honor stone achievements.
Once unlocking those achievements, go back here to gather up your rewards.

Meanwhile, you can also get free wildstones by doing the following the patched glitch.
At this phase, just use all of your meat, then do another battle and a tutorial will pop up.
The trainer here will reward you a wildstone.
Afterwards, close the app but do not minimize it and open it back up in that you will still have that wildstone there.
Keep doing this until you get that energy back so that you are able to get unlimited wildstone.

Besides honor stone and wildstone, you will also be able to get more gold
In order to get that gold, you can do it through battles.
In accordance with this, just go back to old battles that you have beaten then replay them to farm for gold as a bonus reward.


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