Rainbow Crystals Souls Cheats in Road to Dragons Android

Acquire has recently launches Road to Dragons on android users in that you will be taken to fight against a boss or dragon at the end of the road then clear the quest for rewards, rainbow crystals

road to dragons walkthrough ios android

Here, you will chain-attack your enemy by connecting more panels.
Besides, you will be able to create paths or you can go for that big chain-attack damage when battling with enemies in the battlefield.

Later on, you will also be assigned to summon your heroes from the magic tome that you can get it after beating a monster, so that with this magic tomes, you can summon your heroes into the rarest ones.

Moreover, defeating strong enemies and finding rare tomes will get you to make stronger heroes
So just gather up as many heroes as you can then get them to your strongest party along the game

Except summoning your heroes, you will also have to enhance and evolve by combining their powers. Enhancing will level up your heroes
And, evolving will power up your heroes
In the mean time, you must rain your favorite character before going to get involved in the battlefield

On the other side, characters can wield various weapons, mainly grouped into 4 categories namely sword, spear, bow, and staff.
Anyway, this also includes long range weapons such as bow-guns and magical devices
In this game, every character will have a unique life story that you can play through by getting them evolved well

When you are about to enter the battle screen, be sure to watch the number right under the enemy.
That number will show you the countdown until it is their turn to attack and it will count down every time you use panels.

And, when you see it hits 0 number, the enemy will deliver an attacks so that you will have to beat them before they turn to attack your hero

Furthermore, when using Chains, you can attack many times at once
In the mean time, you must connect those shining panels below that have different symbols

Also, you will rely on souls to play a role in battle
In line with this, you will have to gather up many Souls

In the quest, you will get exp points that will level up your heroes
And, if you see your unit maxes out their level, you can start evolving them
In order to get more Tomes in this game, you have to beat as many enemies as you can


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