Rack up High Score for Gems in Slip Away iPhone

If you like playing an endless swimmer game on the ios and android devices, you may have known that Slip Away has been available on the ios and android markets

slip away walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a jellyfish to swim through various obstacles, where you must guide it to get as far as you can without dying

At the same time, you must also get gems
Later on, you can play in three different game modes such as Kids and Normal mode, the two endless modes and predictably
Every mode there has different stage layouts.
You can firstly try to play in Kids mode which is easier

Sometimes, you will also get a prompt to appear along with the offer where you can earn free gems by watching a video
Thus, just go to the character select screen to get the same prompt pop up there at random times

On the other side, you may try to play in challenge mode containing a number of different stages, each with a fixed design.
If you can beat all of those stages, you will get an instant reward in form of gems.

Once having enough gems, you can purchase new characters in which each comes with a different look
When playing this game, just tap the two sides of the screen fast to send your jellyfish flying up the screen quickly.
You may want to slow things down by tapping and letting your character fall down a little bit
Afterward, tap again, and repeat to move up your character very slowly overall

In addition, you will also have to get score as high as possible that you can do by completing every single mode or challenge in this game
For such reasons, try to guide the jellyfish to go through each obstacle in one piece so that you can rack up score and reward in form of gems, the premium currency of this game


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