Puzzle Answers in Assassin`s Creed Unity Companion iPhone

Ubisoft has just presented their newest game of Assassin`s Creed Series where you will be brought to take Revolutionary Paris into the palm of your hand.

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Anyway, form the review of this game, it is filled with activities and strategic information where you will be able to taste the ultimate second-screen experience with a fully 3D map.

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to resolve hidden glyph puzzles on famous Paris landmarks
At the same time, you must manage your own Nomad Brotherhood to go through to unlock exclusive missions and rewards as well
Later on, make sure to play Nomad Missions which are 21 Nomad Missions near a Landmark that will provide you exclusive 63 Rewards.
Each of them can be replayed up to 3 times, and you will reveal a new reward at that time

During in your mission, you can try to place a Helix marker to plan your missions, in which it is easily to locate yourself, your Co-op friends and enemies at a time.
Also, you will be given with detailed community Heatmaps for each mission that will show you the paths in which you will have better plan to manage your strategies.
Heatmaps in this game track players‘ most common such as paths, Desyncronization points, fights and Creed Point collection
During the game play, you are able to select Category, Browse Sequences, Memories and CO-OP Missions to see completed challenges and earned rewards.
With Data Visualization Layers, you can toggle layers to show your progression in specific areas

In the mean time, you must also discover famous Paris landmarks on the Companion World Map, and solve their hidden glyph puzzles to unlock exclusive Nomad Brotherhood missions.

Meanwhile, you will also be able to customize your hero with all wearable items in that make sure you see the statistics of them and try them out then see how different combinations affect your abilities.
Overview: Review your weapons and equipment here. Equip different items to see how they affect Amo’s abilities in Assassin’s Creed Unity
Moreover, you can also pick an item to see how equipping it will change Amo’s abilities in this game.


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