Purple Gems Cheats in World of Conquerors Android

Minoraxis has offered a finely-tuned strategy MMO experience, called World of Conquerors in which is made specifically for Android platform where you will get involved in the most intense multiplayer combat game for free

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Here, you will be allowed to pick thousands of heroes and you will combine troop combinations, where you will also be able to make a unique kingdom populated by rival and friendly emperors alike.

You will then go to evolved combat system, new mechanics reward multiple strategies, whereby you must also protect your kingdom with attack tactics, and training favorite troop types with the new troop leveling system.

After everything is ready, you will go to the battle vets in which winning strategic battles will help all-powerful Heroes level up from leading small parties in battle to commanding big armies.

When battling with enemies in the battlefield, you can also send Dragons, Monsters, and Knights into battlefield in that you can also join forces with friends to beat rival alliances

To strengthen your heroes and kingdom, you will supply some powerful equipments
Grade is a kind of rare and unique equipment which can have significantly better rating and troop bonuses.
Anyway, Legendary Equipment in a dungeon will be rarely to come up, so that when you see this equipment just go quickly to pick it up

With this enhancement, you will get significant boost in your Hero’s ratings such as ATK, DEF, MAG and SPD through equipment enhancement.

On the other side, you will also have to find and enhance equipment which can boost performance of the Troops you use.
You can also apply the bonus before the Hero Hating adjustments, so the effect will be multiplied
And, if you have collected equipment pieces with bonuses for a same troop type, you will see a big difference from that circumstance.

You will also gather up some powerful heroes like in the following criteria
Grade is to upgrade your Hall of Heroes so that it can improve the likelihood that Veteran, Master, and eventually Legendary Heroes will visit your Kingdom.

Skills will get you to search for Heroes matching your play style.
If you want to get some heroes in an all-out attack along with Magic Attacks you have to upgrade your Academy first.
In line with this, some skills will boost troops abilities and others attack opposing troops directly.

Ratings can be said as higher grade Heroes that have better hero ratings like ATK, DEF, MAG and SPD
LDS will increase Level, so if you have more troops, it may be assigned when your Hero levels up.
Multiple Heroes will be more heroes than the number of dominion that you have
And, they are needed to attack other kingdoms and they can defend your kingdom effectively.

Later on, you will have to find more advanced troops in that you should move into the next New Land and set up Barracks and Monster Towers.

Also, think about Placement Strategy Offense in that it will be needed when attacking, and you have to try to exploit any weaknesses, so that you can take advantage of anything you have, such as a stronger troop type, or powerful Equipment bonuses, that you can get by lining up your troops accordingly.

Besides, you should also do an experiment or research at the Training 8 Tactical Post.
Moreover, with equipment bonus, you will be able to get extra power for troops from equipment.

As usual, this game will need gems as the premium currency and gold as the main currency that you can get along the game
In order to gather up those currencies, you must complete each quest and win each battle will earn you more gems in this game


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