Purple Gems Cheats in Knights and Snails Android

Knights Digital has introduced Knights and Snails where a kingdom where puzzle meets RPG.
In this game, you will go to the tournaments and use your skills to own the Crown Trophy as well as collecting and managing Champions with the ultimate jousting team.

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To play this game, every single move will be counted as necessary thing as this genre-bending experience will surprise you at every turn.

Along the game, you will have to prove yourself worthy and try to make other Knights join your troupe to compete by your side.
Here, you will also be assigned to build the ultimate team as well as collecting and combining the right Champions that need clever planning and smart strategy.

Moreover, you will also have to try beating the nefarious Sir Sluggard who will stop at nothing to thwart your plans.
Then, you will participate in more than 150 riveting tournaments, unhorsing your opponents with wits, dexterity and skill as you will uncover the truth behind the fabled Knights of the Holy Snail.

On the other side, when battling with your opponent, the lance counts and the lance should be in the green, when the knights hit each other.

In the mean time, you can aim at the shield in jousting and get the initiative and purple gems as being the champion in each battle.

Besides skills, you will also have Spells which help in boosting your knight to beat your opponent.
You will also get the points in each round in a tournament.
To get the points, you must firstly beat the weak Knights in Rounds.

Devastating is some opponent Knights’ Shield is weakened after going through an excellent joust.
Valiant is some of your knights’ Lance gets better after going through an excellent joust

In each battle, you will be given with 3 Moves and sideways, in that you can also use Empty Rows for your advantage.

Before going to battle with opponent, you can inspect your rivals as some knights show luck on their portrait.
Knights with luck will have bonus power within the number range.
And, Knights with Spear icon will have the chance to land a Critical, as well as adding a Power bonus.
Later on, actions will give your team temporary advantages.

Gems is the main currency of this game and you will be able to earn Purple Gems and other bonuses by beating certain Knights in a joust.
In addition, to get your victory, you can try to hire a Mercenary when battling with enemies in this game


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