Purple Gems Cheats in Creature Academy iPhone

Creature Academy is made by Kabam and Netmarble presenting new monster-collecting action RPG especially for iphone and Android.

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Along the game, your main objective is to put together and collect a group of fighters and monsters card-battle style, then use them to go through level after level and beat bosses for free rewards either gems or coins which are the main currencies of this game.

You will also be assigned to improve and upgrade your monsters by enhancing them using other, weaker characters as sacrifices.
If you want to get more monsters, just go to the My Team screen and hit “upgrade” then sacrifice any monster that is not in your current active party.
Every character here contribute an upgrade level of up to 5 and you can get more monsters by going to any stage and playing it again to collect them.

At the same tie, you will also have to increase your fighters’ experience points, that you can do by going to any stage, old or new then gain experience levels, the old fashioned way.
After your monster has an upgrade level of 5 and a specific experience level which is the star rarity times 5, you will be able to evolve them as long as you have the right material cards.

Except experience points, you can also load up on friendship points that you can do in the Friends menu and adding them as many as you can.
In line with this, you will earn friendship points each time that you add someone
Then, you and that person will be able to send friendship points back and forth once per day as well.

Once getting friendship points and gems, you can spend them on creature and gear chests in the shop
Anyway, if you already have a good stash of rare creatures, make sure to get the rare gear.
In order to earn more gems, try to complete the Missions in which completing these will also earn you more coins.
Afterwards, make sure to save up your gems for the best rewards like the rare creature chests.

When fighting against enemies in the battlefield, make sure to use your special attacks as often as possible
In the mean time, you can use them to adopt a hit and run strategy against tough bosses.
Also, save your “team up” until you get to the boss as you will be allowed to use those once per battle
Thus, make sure to use it wisely and do not use it to early.


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