Purple Gems Cheats in Castle Defense 2 Android

Castle Defense 2 from DHGames is the combination of a traditional tower defense game with RPG elements
This game is now available on the android market only

castle defense 2 walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game has created a fusion of strategies and a whole new kind of tower defense experience the you can play on the go.

Early on the game, you will freely select some heroes along with each ability
They are berserker from the volcano, a mysterious female assassin, the mage of the woods
Every hero will come along with unique equipment and particular skills.
Once selecting them, you will then command them to help defend each tower surrounding your area.

Besides, you can also synthesize your weaker pets into powerful ones
Here, you will still get 1 pet randomly it the synthetic process is not going smoothly.

Later on, you will have to upgrade their talents, and you can also have a pet following you every time you move on the game

You have also to power your base by constructing some buildings such as floating fortress, super fort, steam plant, alchemist`s laboratory, and more magical towers

When battling with enemies and protecting your area, you can try combining 3 to 5 pets together at a time.
If you can combine more pets in each area, you will get high chance to eliminate each passing enemy and get your victory easily

During in the battle, always keep your eyes open to launch meteor shower at the right time
At that time, you can also tap and hold a hero’s icon to change his position form one spot to another as you like.

For further, you will sometimes deal with bosses in form of giant and golem in the battlefield
You will also have to struggle to survive when battling with the evil warlock that can rip the fabric of space time
Also, you will then deal with the wurm with an ancient hunger, and spritely hidden goblins

When playing in boss rush, you will be able to team up other players across the world to beat the World Boss in the world’s largest online battle
To test your skill, you can try playing in pvp arena where you will compete with another player online

Then, to start your next journey, you can play in campaign mode where you can fight your way page by page through your own story

Later on, you will get to play in conquest mode, which will give you a big chance to get blue diamonds as your reward

meanwhile, playing in endless mode will get you to fight against a bunch of monsters to beat for glory and diamonds resources

If you play in expedition mode, you will also have a chance to collect a bunch of pet eggs and equipment Materials.

Moreover, when playing in expedition mode, you will get one free challenge daily in 15 new different stages and you may get greater chance to get purple diamonds, which is the premium currency of this game
Here, expedition rank will combine the score of all stages.

On the other side, in the way of collecting more purple gems for free, all you will do is to complete each battle and be sure to win it as fast as you can


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